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Liverpool college receives praise for ‘transformative and life-enhancing’ experience

A RECENT Ofsted report has highlighted The City of Liverpool College’s outstanding performance in areas such as personal development and adult learning opportunities, with inspectors singling out the student experience as “transformative and life-enhancing”.

The inspection examined every aspect of the College’s work, including teaching and learning, the quality of education, links with industry, personal development and leadership. 

The College received a ‘Good’ overall grading, with ‘Outstanding’ awarded to its personal development for students and adult learning programmes. In 2022-23, only 10% of colleges inspected by Ofsted received an ‘Outstanding’ accolade in adult learning, highlighting the College’s extraordinary success in this area.

The inspection also assessed how well the College is meeting the skills needs of the economy, applauding its “strong” contribution in this area (the highest possible grading), and commending its “exceptional” network of stakeholders across civic, community, education, and employer communities. Introduced in 2022, only a handful of colleges have received an assessment of “strong” on this element, with the partnerships cultivated by The City of Liverpool College “recognised locally, regionally, nationally and, in a few instances, internationally” – a real success story for North West and the education sector.

Students were praised for “having a very positive attitude towards the college, actively listening and focusing on their learning,” with students recognising “the haven the College provides…[and] its positive community.”

One of the key findings of the report is the highly effective personal development programme offered at the college, which has inspired students to pursue their studies further. Teachers are quick to recognise and address any barriers to learning that students may face, ensuring that each individual receives the support needed to succeed in their studies.

Teachers were commended for creating diverse opportunities for students to explore disciplines beyond the curriculum, exposing them to a wide range of experiences and helping them to develop relevant skills for the workforce. Leaders were cited as being “ambitious for what students and apprentices can achieve, regardless of their personal or educational starting points or the challenges they face”.

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