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Dinosaur experience comes to Knowsley Safari 

VISITORS to Knowsley Safari will create Jurassic memories this summer as they encounter huge life-like dinosaurs during a six-week Dinosaur takeover, from Saturday 22nd July until Sunday 3rd September 2023 – and it’s all included in the regular admission price. 

The animated puppets roar, blink and move just like real dinosaurs. Guests will meet Bruce, a six-metre-long T-Rex and get up close to huge herbivore Betsy, a giant walking Triceratops.

Visitors will also encounter Loki, a friendly full-size Velociraptor and experience what it’s like to walk with dinosaurs, while younger guests will enjoy stroking baby dinosaurs in the ‘petting zoo’.  

Live dinosaur shows will see visitors immersed in ranger adventures as they witness a climactic stand-off when the T-Rex’s dinosaur egg is stolen, and with plenty of photo opportunities too, there’s an adventure to be had for all the family. 

Dinosaur fans will love the convincing animated puppets, which are full body (no visible human legs!) and visible from all angles, creating the most realistic illusion and the closest thing to encountering a real-life dinosaur. 

Stephanie Costello, Events Manager, Knowsley Safari says: “We’re excited to be bringing dinosaurs to the Safari this summer, the activities and adventures will appeal to all ages, and we can’t wait to see guests’ reactions to this truly immersive and life-like experience!” 

Guests will also be able to experience the Safari’s regular fun attractions, including the UK’s longest Safari Drive, where White Rhino, African Lions and Bactrian Camels roam, plus baboons, Iberian Wolves and European Bison, as well as giraffes, meerkats, and the Tiger Trail on the Foot Safari. 

For further information and to book tickets visit here. 

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