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Liverpool ONE partners with dot-art offering affordable studios

GROSVENOR has announced Liverpool ONE’s partnership with Liverpool-based social enterprise and art organisation, dot-art, to deliver affordable, flexible art studios in the heart of the city. The new space provides a hub for local artists as it supports the vibrant and diverse community of creatives within the region.   

Championing and cultivating the city’s innovation, Liverpool ONE and dot-art have come together to transform 3,500 sq ft of former office space, into affordable artist studios and workspaces. Located at Lord Street, the Liverpool ONE dot-art creative space is the organisation’s largest studio to date, accommodating up to 20 local artists.

Established in Liverpool and supporting local creatives since 2006, dot-art works with over 100 artists to provide customers an unrivalled choice of affordable, high-quality, locally sourced artwork through its Liverpool gallery, located a stone’s throw away from Liverpool ONE on Queen Avenue. Reflective of the supportive environment Liverpool ONE strives to cultivate within the wider community, dot-art is committed to creating and developing artists’ careers, through workshops, training and community events.

Lucy Byrne, Managing Director, dot-art, commented: “As a social enterprise, dot-art supports visual artists and champions creativity as an integral part of daily life. Our work wouldn’t be possible without collaborating with property owners that share our core values and Liverpool ONE’s commitment to celebrating and supporting local artisans make them the ideal partner for us. We are extremely proud to have launched our largest studio space to date in Liverpool ONE, offering affordable workspaces to the local artist community.”

Chris Jukes, Director of Liverpool ONE, Grosvenor, added: “Hosting affordable artist studios within Liverpool ONE reinforces our sustained commitment to supporting local businesses and ensures a diverse tenant mix across the destination. We have always been a proud and active contributor to the Liverpool City Region and we are delighted to be collaborating with dot-art on this brilliant use of space, allowing us to further champion the creativity of our community.”

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