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Children’s author to donate 50% of book profits to charity

LIVERPOOL children’s author Robbie Blackhurst is set to release his first book and donate 50% of the profit to national charity, Speech and Language UK. 

‘Silent George’ will be Blackhurst’s first independent offering and follows a timid Gorilla called George who struggles with his speech and confidence as he embarks on his first day of school. On his journey, George meets a number of characters who help him develop his confidence and find his voice. 

Inspired by his son, George, who was fearful of starting school due to his speech and language difficulties, Robbie hopes ‘Silent George’ will comfort and inspire other families who have faced similar challenges. 

The release of ‘Silent George’ will also be in support of Speech and Language UK, a charity that  supports the 1.7 million children* in the UK who are struggling with their talking and understanding words.. 

Robbie Blackhurst, said: “I wrote this book for my son, George, and I’m so excited to see how it will be received by other young children who need support with their confidence and their families. ‘Silent George’ is an endearing tale for any child who can get nervous about starting school and struggling to find their voice.

“Thanks to the support and guidance of Speech and Language UK, I hope the book acts as an inspiring story to share with any young child who might be nervous about embarking upon new milestones within their lives.”

Silent George is available to buy via Amazon, or directly from the ‘Silent George’ website.

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