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Review – Otterspool Adventure Magical Christmas Experience

WE were invited to experience the Otterspool Adventure Magical Christmas Experience – here’s our thoughts.

On arrival at the entrance to the park, we’re greeted by the team dressed elves who’ve truly committed to their character (more on that later). The time slots are allocated on booking, and it’s made clear that you must not be late – which is a fair stipulation, however arriving on time did mean a bit of waiting around with an over-excited four-year-old.

The staff did a stand-up job keeping the youngsters entertained while we waited for our session to start, writing and posting letters to Santa and dancing around – but ultimately we were excited to get inside and get the ‘bauble’ rolling.

The patience proved worth the wait though, as the following few hours offered a plethora of exciting adventures.

Once the group had all arrived were taken into The Mailroom. This is the first of four main experiences which make up the day.

The Mailroom offers a short festive show (about 20 mins), hosted by our elf guides for the day, whose names escape me, but they were seasonally sweet and ‘on brand’.

Without giving away the finale, there’s a snowy surprise and a lesson about believing in the magic of Christmas.

After the show we were escorted to The Gingerbread Lodge, where we were met with tables laid out with gingerbread men and accompanying decorating trimmings (icing and sweets). Mrs Claus came along to greet us and we set to work on our gingerbread, followed by a quick story time.

Next was the Elf Workshop, a firm favourite among most of the children on our session, who excitedly helped the elves to assemble teddy bears. The children were then gifted the bears they made, however it will cost between £5-10 to purchase a bag, box and / our outfit on the way out (although most children we just happy to take their bears out to play without more bells and whistles).

We were then given ‘free time’ to play on the large playground, ice skate, roast marshmallows and more. Everyone is given their Santa visit slot on arrival, so when ours came around we wondered through a small animated trail, met some real life husky dogs (super cute) and make it to the grotto of the big man.

I’ve always been difficult to please when it comes to Father Christmas visits. The right balance of jolly spark and magical familiarity is hard to deliver, and for me, this Santa didn’t quite cut it – but our daughter loved him, so the goal was met.

We were very impresses with the toy selection on offer for the children to take away – rather than the usual ‘girl present of boy present’ the children are given a token and can browse shelves of toys from art kits to dolls and monster trucks using their token to take away any toy they want – a great addition to the experience.

Ticket prices and what’s included:

This isn’t the cheapest day out at £28.95 per head (anyone over the age of one), however it’s good value.

Everything including is included in the ticket price, and you will leave with your hands full of goodies, so it feels very worth it with something to take away on top of the experience itself.

With a structured 90 minutes of adventures, then time to roam the adventure park itself, it’s definitely one which will take up a morning or afternoon and keep the kids entertained, so time-wise it’s excellent value.

There are add-ons such as outfits for the build-a-bears, and a VR sleigh ride at £6 per head (worth a go I’d say). The on-site café is fairly priced with lots on offer from light bites to more substantial choices.
You can also buy your family photo with Santa.

The experience itself feels high-end. Otterspool have pulled out all the stops to create an authentic feeling Christmas village.

The staff make the magic, and everyone commented on the engagement of the elves and all the rest of the team. Character was never dropped, and they kept the excitement up throughout the experience. They are the heroes of the day.

All in all, I’d say this is a great value Christmas experience for all the family.

For more information and bookings visit www.otterspooladventurecentre.co.uk

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