Monday, May 20, 2024

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Schools awarded mental wellbeing funding

SCHOOLS across Liverpool have been awarded funding to improve the emotional health and wellbeing of their students.

Following the pandemic, mental health needs increased across the city – so to better understand how children and young people had been affected, Liverpool City Council launched the anonymous ‘OxWell’ survey in collaboration with local health and education partners and the University of Oxford.

OxWell’s survey of almost 12,000 children and young people, identified mental health as the main issue post-lockdown and the findings have now led to three citywide priorities being set.

Schools will now focus on addressing the three key issues of loneliness, bullying and sleep through activities that will make positive changes.

Separate age-appropriate surveys were made available to children in years 5 to 7 and young people in years 8 to 13, with schools receiving additional support to ensure any students impacted during the process could access immediate help.

Individual schools have now been awarded public health grants of either £5,000, or a collaborative grant of £15,000, to develop projects across a partnership.

A follow-up survey will take place in February 2023, with additional schools and students taking part and a bespoke offer for SEND students will launch later in the spring term.

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