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Everton partners with Fancurve

EVERTON has announced a ground-breaking partnership with Fancurve to create digitally wearable shirts for supporters.

The collaboration will see the US-based digital sports fashion platform introduce Blues’ fans to officially licensed, non-replica Club-branded shirts.

These unique, photo-realistic custom collections – designed and created by Fancurve’s team of 3D fashion designers will empower fans to express their unrivalled passion for the Club by wearing them on their avatars in the Metaverse.

Fancurve will develop a series of ‘high-end’ digital shirts as fashion wearables and enriched media content to enable a hyper-immersive online fan experience.

The initial Everton-themed collection will be available later this year and be sold exclusively on the Fancurve platform, at www.fancurve.com.

Chris Cook, SVP Partnerships at Fancurve, commented: “We are striving to be the largest and most innovative digital wearables platform for sports fans across the globe, and we see this partnership as one that can help Everton and its community grow, as we explore web3 football fandom together.”

Richard Kenyon, chief commercial and communications officer at Everton, added: “We’re really pleased to welcome Fancurve to our growing partnership portfolio and are excited by the innovative opportunities that this partnership will present for the club and our supporters.  

“I’d like to thank our partnership team for their work in securing this deal and Chris and his colleagues at Fancurve for choosing Everton to partner with on what I am sure will be an exciting journey.”

Fancurve: FAQs                                  

Q: What is Fancurve?                                                                           
Fancurve is a digital sports fashion platform that empowers fans to express their passions, personalities and connection through premium digital sports wearables. They develop unique collaborations that bring together global fan communities through their shared passion for football, culture and fashion.
By connecting fans with the world’s leading athletes, clubs, culture-defining brands and designers, Fancurve is building a community that will shape the future of digital sports fashion.
Fancurve also serves as a bridge for sport, fashion and lifestyle brands to enter web3 and the emerging metaverse.

Q: What products will Fancurve develop?
Fancurve will work with Everton to help introduce fans to the benefits of Web3 through custom digital wearables, starting with the officially licensed Everton digital jersey collection.

Q; What is a digital wearable?
A digital wearable is a non-physical, photo-realistic garment, often created with a mixture of 2D and 3D tools, that can be displayed in digital form within the metaverse, fashion platforms or as character skins as in-game assets. Fancurve’s digital wearables are specifically designed to be worn by fan avatars on the Fancurve platform and across the metaverse.

Q: What sets Fancurve apart from other digital collectibles (e.g. NFTs)                                            
Fancurve uses blockchain technology to create its wearables and make them unique and compliant. Fancurve products are fundamentally different to common digital collectibles in the following ways:

  • Fancurve wearables are specifically designed to be worn by fan avatars on the Fancurve platform and across the metaverse. They are not passive, speculative assets — users buy and wear them, exactly as they would in the real world.
  • Fancurve’s business is not rooted in cryptocurrency or tokens — all transactions on Fancurve are available in fiat currency ($€£), making it easily accessible to the typical football fan.
  • Fancurve products are created with built-in IP protection features which legally shield their partners from illegal copy or counterfeit.

By specialising in digital wearables, Fancurve intends to shape the future of digital fashion and serve as a trustworthy platform for our partners, helping fashion and lifestyle brands and products enter the metaverse safely and successfully.
Q: How can I get involved with Fancurve?
You can join Fancurve’s growing community on Discord for the most current updates. You can also visit their website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates in your feed.

Q: How can I get my hands on a Fancurve Everton wearable?                                                            
The jerseys will be available exclusively on the Fancurve platform www.fancurve.com later in the year.

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