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Review – Not Drunk but Disorderly – Little LTF at St Luke’s Church

THIS week sees the return of the Liverpool Theatre Festival’s sibling, Little LTF, a showcase for new writng and talent, and it has kicked off in huge style with an opening performance from Megan Hindley and Beth Amos of their own show, Not Drunk but Disorderly.

Principally Hindley and Amos are Howard and Geoffrey, a pair of police officers whose skills have been honed to a level almost worthy of elevation to the ranks of the Keystone Cops. There’s a murderer and also apparently a corpse on the loose, and the intrepid heroes have to rise to the occasion and save the day if they are to also save their shambolic careers.

In a format not dissimilar to John Godber’s Bouncers, the same two performers also play every other character in the picaresque narrative, which makes for some hysterical gear changes. The level of polish and timing from the co-creators of the show is simply staggering, and the pace never slackens for a heartbeat across the 60 minute running time. This sort of comedy is what fringe theatre was made for, and the rapport between the performers and audience is immediate and electric.

Not Drunk but Disorderly is a show that definitely has legs – expect to see it reappear elsewhere and, if you do, snap up tickets immediately!

Little LTF continues at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church until Sunday.


Star Rating – 5 stars

Review by Nigel Smith

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