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Photographer releases Formby photobook

A MERSEYSIDE photographer has released a new book of images set entirely around Formby pinewoods, dunes and beach.

Paul B Baker, from Waterloo put together the project over one hot summer’s day in locations near to Formby Point.

The resulting photobook features a blend of landscapes, nature pictures and portraits, and aims to give the viewer a feel of a perfect summer’s day, when the warmth reaches into the evening and the time seems to last forever.

Paul said: “Shot over the course of one of those unusually warm, lazy, wonderful British summer days, the images in this series depict an afternoon seeping into evening, as a group of 30-something friends on the cusp of middle age forget that they have any other responsibilities outside of enjoying that electric thrill of being alive.

“Watching, living, and photographing, it seemed vital to document the moment. But not just men larking as boys – that background buzz too, the summer we ignore.

“So I decided to bring nature into the project, birds and insects humming in the dune grasses, squirrels scurrying through the trees, flowers struggling to drink enough from the earth, nature going about its vital business.”

Entitled ‘The Last Day Of Our Youth’, the 40-page photobook or ‘zine’ was designed and published by Worcestershire-based Art Deco Magpie (ADM) and sold through their website.

Paul hopes to follow up the release of his first photobook with an exhibition and is currently looking for local venues that will show his work.

The limited edition photobook can be ordered, while stocks last, from

To see more of Paul’s work visit his website:


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