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Couple on mission to end food waste

A WOOLTON couple have launched a voluntary organisation with the aim of reducing the amount of food going to landfill.

Kathryn Bowman and her husband Dave started South Liverpool Zero Waste Community in March 2021 along with their friend Pam.

They collect food which supermarkets are ready to dispose of, with much of it being fine to eat days after its best before date.

They then notify their followers on social media of their haul, and communities can go to several venues to collect a bag of food for free.

Kathryn said: “We were already saving food from supermarkets using an app on our phones but found this incredibly restrictive – we wanted to build community and help as many people in the local community as we could too which this process didn’t allow.

“We wanted to create an organisation that didn’t turn anybody away and is not about need or economic status but simply about saving surplus food from landfill and building a community.”

Starting out with just three people, South Liverpool Zero Waste has grown substantially, and now has 75 volunteers, with 55 food collection stalls.

For more information, follow @south_liverpoolzerowaste on Instagram

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