Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Andi Oliver takes in Liverpool’s culinary offering

TV CHEF Andi Oliver took people on a Liverpool city tour across some of the city’s culinary hotspots, to help them rediscover their city through their interest in cooking, one of the most popular interests adopted over lockdown according to Google Pixel research. 

The tour was part of Behind the Lens with Google Pixel, a series of experiences to help people rediscover their cities and the places they have missed most. Based on some popular interests we have adopted in lockdown, people are being given the opportunity to delve deeper into their interests using Google Lens on Pixel. 

The tour saw Andi show people how to use Google Lens as a rediscovery tool, to learn more about cooking & food, and rediscover places in the city through the new Lens Places filter on Pixel. Lens Places, launched just last week, combines 3D models from Google Earth with Lens’ image recognition technology, helping the rediscovery of cities at a macro level with a real-time AR experience, letting you pan over vistas to discover more about landmarks and buildings, simply by long-pressing the camera viewfinder on a Pixel device. 

Andi took people to community food project Squash, visited Liverpool Cathedral and ended the tour at The Art School Restaurant for some light refreshments courtesy of Chef Patron Paul Askew. 

Andi said: “It’s been wonderful to be able to share my passion for food and community in this totally unique way, whilst also helping people rediscover the vibrant city of Liverpool. I hope Google Lens helps inspire more budding food explorers to get out there and uncover the culinary gems hidden within this magnificent city this summer.’’   

To celebrate the new Google Lens Places filter on Pixel, Google has created a unique gamified scavenger hunt experience, to help people rediscover their city, launching in early July.

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