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New mural for Chinatown

A BRAND new mural which celebrates Liverpool’s Chinese community is taking pride of place in the city centre.

Located in Chinatown’s Great George’s Square, the 50-metre wide and two-metre high spray-painted artwork is a red, yellow and blue mural, featuring an ox to mark the lunar New Year. 

The ox is a symbol of hope for communities and signifies prosperity and good fortune for all. The theme of the piece is ‘Reunion’.

Working in partnership with local Chinese community groups, Writing on the Wall and Pagoda Arts facilitated workshops to create the final design. European funding from CreArt, enabled French artists Alexis Le Pasteur and Lise Le Bonniec to be virtually involved in the development of the design.

Zap Graffiti – a popular organisation which works with communities across the UK in creating positive graffiti murals, has worked with young people to bring the design to life. Culture Liverpool has supported the new artwork.

Chief Executive of Pagoda Arts, Zi Lan, said: “The Chinese community are excited to showcase their roots and look forward to seeing the finished artwork. We are proud of our heritage and being accepted as part of Liverpool culture.”

Co-Director of Writing on the Wall Madeline Heneghan, said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with the Chinese community on this international collaboration. Through the aid of digital technologies, creative ideas have been shared across borders and the result is stunning. 

“We have been able to bring all ages together in creative activities, developing skills and creating  partnerships and networks that will have an enduring legacy.”

Artist, Alexis Le Pasteur, said: “For our first project abroad it was an honour to work with the Chinese community. It was really interesting to work and share with the community in order to tell their story and show that they belong in Liverpool.

“We also liked to work with a British artist as we realised even though we are from different countries we share the same values.”

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