Monday, May 20, 2024

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Liverpool residents can now access counselling online in ‘one stop shop’

A NEW ‘one stop shop’ for mental health is allowing people in Liverpool to book counselling at the click of a button and find the free mental health services in their area.

Thanks to the new platform, Liverpool residents can also read expert advice and articles, on The Mind Map’s innovative new mental health platform.

The platform is the result of a research project carried out between The Mind Map and leading organisations with Mental Health at the centre of their agenda, with contributions from Imperial College London and the NHS.    

The Mind Map’s founder Phil Bridges: “Our research uncovered that people don’t feel they have access to the support they need, in a format that is accessible and relevant to their everyday lives. This was certainly the case for me personally when trying to find help for my anxiety and OCD.

“Clients can choose a qualified counsellor by location, gender and specialism.”

Smita Melling, HCPC, BACP, MSc, MBA, MBPsS, a counselling psychologist at The Mind Map has been practicing for seventeen years and sees the pandemic as a serious threat to people’s mental health. She said: “Unfortunately, anxiety has been through the roof since March. It’s like peeling an onion, you start with pandemic-induced anxiety – exacerbated by working from home and loneliness and often find deeper lying issues such as thinking errors.”

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