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MD Creatives launches innovative dance project

INDEPENDENT training academy, MD Creatives, has launched a new project in collaboration with Camron Studios to shine a spotlight on the history and heritage of dance and its performers in the Liverpool City Region.

The project, called Dance It Your Way, aims to reach those that have been touched by the arts, in particular dance, over the years, with MD Creatives keen to hear stories past or present from LCR residents of all ages about how dance has changed their lives for the better.

Whether you would glide around Liverpool’s Grafton Ballroom in the 1940s, enjoyed nights out at Cream or the 051 in the halcyon days of the 90s, or as a millennial have been brought up on flash mobs, Gangnam Style and TikTok – everybody has a story to tell.

When compiled, the Dance It Your Way series will be used as an exhibition of inspiration for the whole of the City Region to enjoy, with the stories being used on social media and other platforms to raise awareness for the arts and the positive impact that it has on society.

Creative director and founder of MD Creatives, Miguel Doforo, said: “The Dance It Your Way project is a unique celebration of dance and how it has touched the people of our city region from generation to generation, and capturing those memories for future generations to understand and enjoy. Here at MD we know all too well about the true power of dance and the positive impact it can have on a person’s life – from improving self-confidence and communication skills to self-expression – this project is about capturing some of that to inspire the dancers of tomorrow.

”Working in collaboration with Camron Studios, we look forward to hearing and collating people’s personal dance memories and anecdotes – from the Lindy Hop to disco, breakdancing to vogueing, whatever gets your groove, we want to know about it!”

Cameron Jones, director of Camron Studios, said:  “This project is incredibly exciting and it’s a great honour to be working with Miguel and MD Creatives. My mission as a film-maker is to shine a light on St Helens, so I can’t wait to produce this series of stories that will go a long way towards shaping the present and the future of dance in my town and the Liverpool City Region.”

For more information on how to get involved in the Dance It Your Way project – contact

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