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Moore Media launches social impact mission to help young people into jobs

MULTI-MEDIA marketing and communications agency Moore Media has launched a new movement called I Am Moore (IAM), aimed at up-skilling young adults across the Liverpool City Region and beyond, and supporting them in securing long-term employment.

IAM is a registered learning provider and an authorised gateway provider for the Department of Work & Pensions’ (DWP) Kickstart Scheme. Aimed at working with large and SME businesses which are willing to give young people an opportunity to enter the world of work, IAM takes young adults aged 16-24 and matches them with a six-month paid work placement.

Working with business leaders across the city region, IAM has so far created more than 175 opportunities for young people.

Heading up IAM is CEO, Stuart Fitzgerald along with head of learning and development, Lynn Lock.

CEO of Jayne Moore Media Group, Jayne Moore, said: “Like for so many, the pandemic made us identify the need to diversify the business to build back stronger and to stay ahead. Thankfully, I am happy to report that this has paid off and we are in a strong position as we navigate the start of 2021.

“An exciting development from this strategy was I Am Moore. Recognising that we held a strong shared value for giving back to our community and supporting those who have less opportunity to succeed, I Am Moore was born with the aim of creating ladders of opportunity for young people who may not have many options open to them. 

“The funding system is a minefield of paperwork, so we want to clear through some of that in brokering collaborative training support to help businesses grow to reach their full potential through their people. I am incredibly proud of what the project has already achieved in such a short space of time, and I am beyond excited at its potential. I had loads of help throughout my career and this is my way of paying it forward for anyone who needs that initial push to success.”

Stuart Fitzgerald, said: “We are motivated in our mission to create a lasting legacy on the lives of young people, helping them to acquire and sustain the very best skills and careers that enable them to fulfil their true potential.

“At I Am Moore we mobilise our shared passion for being ethical and socially responsible, and are committed to social justice by collaborating with employers to create employment opportunities for local young adults who are entering the labour market – or even those 25+ seeking new challenges. We take time to hear them and really understand the barriers to work, and we match them with the most incredible opportunities, working with business leaders across the city region who are willing to support and mentor them in the workplace. We are looking for the future scientists, engineers, architects, accountants and digital marketing experts. These are substantial opportunities for someone at the start of their career.” 

First to sign up to the new venture is Liverpool-based civil and structural engineers, Sutcliffe, and BioGrad Laboratories.
CEO of BioGrad Laboratories, Dr Natalie Kenny, said: “We are expanding rapidly to support businesses and education providers to stay open and trading, and being able to access Government funding to support young people joining our sector is amazing. Kickstart is ideal for someone wanting to get into a career in science who may be coming from a disadvantaged background, for instance. We really have an opportunity to develop careers and I am excited.”

For more information about I Am Moore, visit the website

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