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New estate director at Liverpool ONE

LIVERPOOL ONE has appointed a new Estate Director, Iain Finlayson.

Iain, an internal appointment, who previously held the position of Business Performance Director, takes his position immediately.

The appointment comes as the retail and leisure destination puts a new strategic plan into place as it faces one of the most challenging times in its history.

The plan is designed to ensure Liverpool ONE can build a new decade of success as the country emerges from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Iain has worked at Liverpool ONE for five years and has a wealth of experience in the retail sector, previously holding positions at Ikea and Blackwell’s Bookshop.

Alison Clegg, Grosvenor Asset Management Director, said: “We received a number of strong applications and following an extensive interview process we are delighted to announce the appointment of Iain.

“He has developed a wealth of knowledge at Liverpool ONE and will play a key role in driving Liverpool ONE forward to ensure we build a successful future. He understands the challenges we face and we believe there is no better person to bring us through these difficult times.”

Since the pandemic began, Iain has worked closely with Donna Howitt, long-established Director of Marketing & Communications, ensuring Liverpool ONE responds appropriately to the pandemic and maintains a close alignment with the wider city. The pair, together with Liverpool ONE’s wider leadership team, have plans in place to ensure Liverpool ONE maintains the strength shown through the most turbulent times.

His appointment signals a change in the way Liverpool ONE will be run, with Donna taking on a lead role of Place Strategy Director. Having worked for Liverpool ONE for almost 14 years, during which time Liverpool ONE has enjoyed year on year growth, Donna will continue to drive Liverpool ONE forward, working closely with the City Region’s Visitor Economy Board and other strategic partners.

Meanwhile, interviews are currently underway to appoint a new Facilities Director.

Iain said: “I am pleased to have been appointed Estate Director at this very challenging time.

“There is no doubt we now face, as indeed the rest of the country does, great challenges not experienced before but I am confident we will emerge strongly.

“Liverpool is a fantastic city to work in and I cannot think of a role I would rather be in right now.

“I have a strong team around me and collectively we will ensure we respond to the changes and challenges around us. I am confident we will continue to thrive and look forward to a bright future ahead.”

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