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Liverpool-based literary agency releases first title

THE Liverpool Literary Agency, which launched in 2020 as the first in the city, has release its debut title through Northodox Press.

Jack Byrne’s Under the Bridge is the first in a four-part series, The Liverpool Mysteries. It follows reporter Anne and student Vinny as they become involved in a story of unions, crime and police corruption after human remains are discovered at a construction site. 

Local author S E Moorhead called Byrne’s novel ‘a love letter to Liverpool.’ For Byrne himself, the four-part series explores issues of class and identity at heart of the UK’s current political crisis.

He said: “Under The Bridge says much about current-day Britain, especially how today’s Irish stories are being told.”

Northodox commissioning editor Ted O’Connor bought world English language rights for the thriller from Clare Coombes, co-founder of the Liverpool-based agency.

Clare said: “I loved the contrasting characters of Anne, a young and ambitious reporter on her first assignment, and Vinny, a history graduate, plagued with the need to expose Liverpool’s historical truth to right wrongs committed in the past.

“Combining crime, race and class distinctions within the plot, and using historical and contemporary settings, this book is gripping and thought-provoking and will captivate readers from the first page.”

Ted O’Connor of Northodox added: “For Northodox Press’ first novel publication we wanted something where the north of England wasn’t just a location, but something integral to the plot. Under the Bridge almost portrays Liverpool as a character with vivid descriptions of murky docklands and the real locales that help drive the story. It also helps that this is a really absorbing page-turner of a mystery.”

Under the Bridge is out for pre-order now.

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