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The story of Liverpool through its trees 

DOT-ART, along with the Open Eye Gallery, are inviting the public to create a history of Liverpool through its trees, using personal stories and photography in their latest project.

Lucy Byrne from dot-art said: “Trees are the perfect vehicle through which to tell a story of Liverpool – they share its resilience, strength and its diverse and fascinating story”.

Councillor Laura Robertson-Collins, Cabinet Member for Environment & Sustainability at Liverpool City Council said: “We hope the project will encourage all of us to engage with and be more aware of the trees and green spaces that enrich our lives, particularly the Urban Greenup interventions currently being introduced to enhance the city centre”.

The team behind the project at dot-art started by asking a broad cross section of people, from historians to tree professionals to family members, to share a story about a tree that was important to them. Eight of these were selected and Open Eye photographer Andy Yates was commissioned to produce images of these important Liverpool trees. These photographs show trees from a few years old to over 1000 years old – so already we are starting to build a picture of the trees that have affected us and our city region as it was founded, has grown, thrived, declined and thrived again. Take a look here.

Sarah Fisher from Open Eye Gallery said “We want to celebrate your stories of trees & they will become stories of this place we live and work in. Please take a moment to share a picture of a tree that means something to you, along with a few words about what makes it important.”

Send your pictures to and your story becomes a collection.

The Story of Liverpool Through its Trees is being delivered by Open Eye Gallery and dot-art, with support from Liverpool City Council and Mersey Forest.

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