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The Studio brings much-needed solutions to businesses

A LIVERPOOL-BASED live communications company has created a ground-breaking offering to clients in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jon Kelly, founder of Meet & Potato, has worked with local, national and international clients since founding the business in 2011. Specialising in communications and live events, he fell into the sea of businesses who felt the hit of the virus the most.

“All of a sudden everything was cancelled,” he said. “Events were gone, budgets were slashed, and business came to a halt.”

After a short period to reflect, Jon decided to adapt the business and deliver a new way of communicating and hosting events, in the form of The Meet & Potato Studio.

“I made the decision to create the change which is needed. In less than a week, we had The Studio built and already client enquiries and bookings are flooding in.

“The response to The Studio has been fantastic, and it’s meant so much to me that both existing and new clients are picking up the phone.”

The Studio, which is purpose-built with full safety measures and equipment, comes with technical support and dedicated management.

It can accommodate large-scale events such as conferences and awards ceremonies, to smaller set ups like team meetings with extra finesse.

“We can’t allow the communications world to just stop,” adds Jon. “Now more than ever, we need to speak to each other in the most effective way.

“This is an option which will ensure the best event you have ever held with a fraction of the overheads.

“I’ve been so grateful to my long-standing clients who have kept in contact, and I’m so motivated to keep my people in jobs and ensure my suppliers are gaining some business. It’s such a cliché, but we really are all in this together.”

Jon is urging businesses to be brave with their communications and try The Studio as an option for speaking to people both internally and externally. “We have simple packages which can suit almost any budget.

“I am here to have a coffee and a chat with anyone who might just want to find out more information on what we can offer.

“Let’s turn up and look this pandemic in the eye. We don’t need to scale back  – we can still communicate well and more importantly, we can help each other to win business.”

To speak to Jon about using The Studio for your event, email

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