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Care home dads share pearls of wisdom

STAFF and residents at Larkhill Hall care home in Liverpool have been sharing their advice and special memories about raising their children this Father’s Day.

The gents enjoyed an afternoon watching their greatest sporting memories on the big screen, such as when England won the World Cup final, with a ‘pie and a pint’ themed lunch to celebrate the occasion.

Resident, Dave Threlkeld, is father to three children and has been blessed with six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. He believes the most important qualities a father can have is to be hard working in order to set a good example to your children. Dave said: “I want all of my children to be happy and achieve their goals in life. I have loved every minute of watching them grow and develop into the people they are today – I miss them, and I can’t wait to give them all a hug soon!”.

91 year-old, Ronnie Chantler, said: “I am lucky enough to have two wonderful sons and four even more wonderful grandchildren. I think the most important thing I could have taught them is how to work hard and to respect the value of money”. Ronnie believes that the role of a father is to provide for and protect their families and make sure everybody is taken care of.

Bill Foster, 88, has two daughters.  He is incredibly proud of their achievements and the close family bond they have is something he treasures deeply. Bill added, “I wish for nothing more than for my daughters to live in a world of peace and happiness”.

Maintenance manager, Kevin Burns, has three children and two grandchildren. Kevin believes that the most important thing to teach your children is how to respect others. He said: “I think the best thing about being a dad is spending as much time together as possible. Family is incredibly important!”

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