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Class act as school nursery continues outstanding success

A LIVERPOOL nursery school is celebrating 20 years of  being ‘outstanding’ with its sixth successive top rating from Ofsted.

Staff, pupils and parents at East Prescot Road Nursery marked the school’s six “outstanding” reports from the education standards watchdog with a special party for the entire school community.

Inspectors from Ofsted recently visited the nursery to look at all aspects of school life.

The subsequent report sums up their findings in just five words: “This is a fabulous school”. The report notes that reading is at the heart of the school curriculum and states: “The aim behind the whole curriculum is to give children the language and vocabulary that they need for the future.”

It adds: “Speech and language are also high priority for the school. Leaders are deeply knowledgeable about national research in this area. Leaders and staff use an excellent system to identify each child’s language skills. They follow this up with activities that build children’s knowledge and skills in a logical order.”

East Prescot Road Nursery School Headteacher Collette Bentley said: “Since Ofsted was introduced, each inspection the school has had has resulted in outstanding. This means the school has been outstanding for 20 years and we saw this as a great reason to celebrate.

“What makes this school outstanding is the partnership with parents and families. Once we have established the relationship we are able to work very closely with parents and families to support their children’s needs, whatever they may be.

“I am really proud to be the head of this school, we have been very supported and most importantly we are a fantastic team working together for the benefit of families within this community.”

The Ofsted report concludes: “Children are extremely happy. They develop high levels of independence and many skills that they need for their lives now and in the future. The school fulfils its values and its aim of giving children the ‘Roots to grow and the wings to fly’.”


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