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Eight reasons Lu Ban Restaurant is going to be a game changer

THE highly anticipated new Chinese restaurant Lu Ban is set to open its doors next month. The team behind the new food experience have said that the restaurant will complement the current offering of Chinese cuisine in the city with a range of authentic dishes and dining options.

Keeping with the authentic theme, and because eight is a super-lucky number in China; the new restaurant owners have given us eight reasons why this place is going to be EPIC….

  1. It’s going to challenge your perception of Chinese cuisine…

Forget your current idea of Chinese food and think regional dishes, influenced by the changing seasons and the authentic tastes from the Tianjin region. The food here will be light, bursting with flavour and work well with our Western palettes. From the mind-blowing range of handmade dumplings to exquisite chocolate displays, and an eclectic range of Tianjin classics; a dining experience here will be a true culinary journey.

  1. They have transformed part of the former Cains Brewery Site…

We think you will be blown away when you see what the team have done with over 5500 square feet of the former Cains site. No expense has been spared in creating a truly magical dining experience. The contemporary interior houses an impressive bar area and several private dining options as well as the main dining room, and the authentic design touches really add to the overall experience.

  1. You could learn something…

Fancy becoming a dumpling master? Love to explore the world of tea or fancy becoming a wine connoisseur? If you are a keen foodie or just fancy learning a new skill, there is an exciting range of mini-courses and fun experiences on offer.

The team are passionate about passing on their knowledge and eager that guests will leave having learnt a little bit about Tianjin and its rich foodie culture.

  1. The private dining options are on another level…

Private dining is big news in China. Traditionally Chinese restaurants are broken off into lots of smaller dining spaces and the team have gone some way to recreating this here in Liverpool. Alongside the main dining room which seats 60 guests you can choose from the traditional Tianjin Private Dining Room, the intimate inner sanctum of the Chef’s Table, the interactive Food Lab or the food pairing heaven that is the Wine Room.  All of the rooms offer a unique dining experience and booking is advised.

  1. The cocktails are epic…

Alongside the food, the drink offering here is going to be pretty special. The wine and Champagne list is one of the finest in the city, and the cocktails are an oriental inspired treat for the senses. Choose from an exceptional range and Tianjin inspired mixes or ask your bartender to create something unique. You can also enjoy a selection of delicious Tianjin snacks or dumplings with your tipple at the bar, so what’s not to love!

  1. Its veggie and vegan heaven…

Plant based foodies will be in foodie nirvana with the exquisite Kingdom menu. A thoughtfully curated range of exceptional veggie and vegan delights which represent a real taste of Tianjin. From street food inspired noodles and delicious broths, to sublime tofu treats and of course dumplings, you will literally be spoilt for choice.

  1. You can become a chef for the day…

This is the ultimate foodie experience. Join Executive Chef Dave Critchley and his brigade for an eight-hour masterclass in the art of Chinese cooking. Learn how to create a Tianjin inspired banquet and master the basics of this unique style of cookery. If you are feeling really brave you can invite six of your friends to join you at the end of you ‘shift’ to sample the dishes you have prepared at your very own chef’s table.

  1. Sundays will never be the same again

Sunday at Lu Ban will be a mix of dumplings, buns, soups and sharing dishes. You can join for a whole duck or chicken, steamed shellfish or a vegan sharing plate. Before you book you may want to consider a party of 12 in the Tianjin Private Dining Room or Food Lab, or perhaps 14 in the Wine Room or 6 friends sharing a Sunday at the Chef’s Table.

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