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Sorcery breakfast boasts exciting plans

SORCERY, based in Stanley Grange Knowsley, hosted an exclusive event in the award-winning Art School restaurant at the heart of  Knowledge Quarter Liverpool with proprietor and chef, Paul Askew.

Sorcery is a unique business proposition that combines an in-depth knowledge of multiple market sectors including life sciences, digital health, technology, advanced engineering and energy.

The event was an opportunity to meet the Sorcery team and hear about some of the exciting innovation led start-ups that Sorcery have identified and invested in.

A founding member of Sorcery, local entrepreneur Cliff Kirby, led the event.

Across the Sorcery Group, the team are able to capture all aspects of bringing a product to market from R&D to intellectual property (IP) management and all areas in between.

In addition to this, the teamwork closely with a world leading Universities, including those in Liverpool who attended the event, to ensure they are working with technologies of the future.

Cliff and the team presented some of the opportunities available currently and in the future, including Liverpool Science Park based Wi Fi Securities who are looking to raise more than £8M to develop their patented product SpriteGuard, which protects public Wi-Fi from online fraudsters by offering protection to open access networks.

Cliff said: “Cybercrime costs the UK economy approximately £27 Billion per year with almost 70% of that threat being against retail operations and establishments. Worldwide these costs scale to almost half a trillion dollars. We are looking to conduct further trials of SpriteGuard later in the year and aim for full commercialisation in around 18 months.”

Prof. David Onions also presented a unique, patented, non-invasive glucose monitor called Nanoflex which measures glucose in very low volumes of perspiration on the skin and can be linked to your smart phone to view blood glucose levels throughout the day.

David added: “One in twelve people will develop diabetes in their lifetime and current solutions are invasive causing pain, discomfort and skin issues too many patients. This product addresses these issues whilst remaining cost effective.”

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