The Revival of Liverpool SOUP

LIVERPOOL SOUP got off to a strong start earlier this year raising £485 in just one night and is gearing up for more of the same on 3rd October at Tusk in the Baltic Triangle.

The micro-funding concept was inspired by the successes of Detroit SOUP who (since starting in 2010) have raised almost $150,000 for local projects. Building on the achievements of the original Liverpool SOUP, which ran between 2015 and 2017, the 2019 revival looks to further cultivate the Liverpool institution of looking out for those around us and raised £485 for Croxteth Community Garden back in June.

The micro-funding event brings people together from across Liverpool and showcases up to four grassroots projects who pitch their ambitions in a bid to win all the money  donated on the door by the attendees.

What do the people attending get in exchange for their donation? Not only do they get one vote and a bowl of soup to enjoy while they’re mulling over how to spend that vote, but they’re also learning about the inspiring projects afoot in their community and how they can support these projects with more than just their cash. Liverpool SOUP works to bring people together to help them share resources, time and passion for the things which most strike a chord with them, the pot of cash donated to the winner is only one part of the puzzle.

Liverpool SOUP work to support all applicants in their success, whether they end up pitching at an event or not, by applying to pitch applicants will be able to opt-in to a community of like-minded project organisers and receive advice and connections to help them achieve even greater successes. In the run up to our next event in October the pitchers will have the opportunity to work with AYCH to hone their pitching skills, and in addition to the cash prize, the winner of October’s Liverpool SOUP will also win a six-month-membership with Lab by Capacity worth £900 which has been generously donated.

Any grassroots project can apply to pitch at a SOUP event providing they impact a Liverpool postcode. In the past Liverpool SOUP has seen a huge breadth of applicants from projects working to reduce food waste to those targeting men in later life who are prone to suffer social isolation.

The events couldn’t be further from the Dragons Den, they work to champion all the pitchers with voters wanting to learn as much as they can about the projects rather than scrutinise them. In the case of other SOUPs hosted around the UK organisers have found that the connections made at these events can be more valuable than the cash prize itself with members of the communities really buying in to the projects and offering their continued support.

Ways people can support:

  • Sponsors to cover overhead cost and/or directly boost the micro-fund
  • Venue & catering donations/discounts
  • Volunteers to help organise events

Liverpool SOUP event: