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Liverpool Lions heroic gesture for Alder Hey

A CHANCE meeting by City of Liverpool Lions Club with Marvel Comics editor/writer Tim Quinn has led to the creation of a brand new Lions comic called ‘HEROES! The publication features sequels to some of the world’s most famous fairy tale characters and adventures of super-heroes.

As part of the project, Tim, with the support of City of Liverpool Lions arranged for patients at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to be given a free copy with more than 300 comics distributed to the children in the hospital.

Teri Hatcher

Other copies have been requested from across the British Isles, USA, and Sweden. The comic has also come to the attention of Hollywood stars Teri Hatcher (‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Lois & Clark’) and Dean Cain (‘Lois & Clark’, ‘Supergirl’) who have voiced their support. “What a fantastic idea!” Said Teri. “This comic should be in every children’s hospital round the world.” Dean agreed, “Great project, guys!”.

When the club attended the COMICCON in Liverpool to promote HEROES! they had interest shown from a young student who has an interest in comics and an invitation to come along to a Lions meeting

Dean Cain

resulted in a new member.

Tim Quinn said: “This is a very heart-warming project and I look forward to seeing ‘HEROES!’ spread its wings to appear in schools and children’s hospitals not only across Britain but also around the world. Here’s to the ordinary people making a difference. Super-heroes all!”

Search Facebook for HEROES! for up to date information about the comic.

City of Liverpool Lions welcomes new members and anyone wishing to learn more or join should contact Lion President Joan Elliott at


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