Success is brewing for Joe Black Coffee following significant business growth

JOE Black Coffee has recorded a significant growth in sales and profit since its new managing director took over the helm less than 12 months ago.

Jackie Knox joined the Merseyside-based company in 2018 is now set to invest in more team members in its offices and in-house roastery, as well as introduce a new paperless ordering service to cater for its expanding client list.

The coffee producers work with a number of high-profile brands across a multitude of sectors including leisure and hospitality, education and commercial with names such as Suites Hotel & Spa, Knowsley Hall, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool Cathedral and gift retailer Getting Personal to name a few.

Managing Director Jackie Knox said: “Since we acquired Joe Black Coffee we have experienced a real surge in business and this year in particular has seen substantial growth with a predicted 17% increase in turnover by the end of the year. In order to accommodate for our continuing developments we’re planning to expand our team in the coming months to support administrative processes and enhance the training arm of the business. We currently provide on and offsite barista training to 35 clients each month and we’re looking to double this figure by 2020.”

“During this first quarter, we’ve welcomed back a large number of clients across Merseyside, Cheshire, Manchester and North Wales from varying sectors whilst sales from independent consumers is up by 19%. Our ethos at Joe Black Coffee is to produce the very best quality coffee with our blends all roasted in-house using traditional methods to ensure consistency. We seek out the highest quality teas from around the world and are seeing a real trend for speciality teas with a sales increase of 21%.”

Joe Black Coffee is ready to launch its paperless service in the coming months following further investment, which will enable the business to work more effectively and sustainably. The system will enable orders to be placed and processed without traditional paperwork. 

The company also operates Bellews Water, servicing offices across the North West with exceptional demand for its range of coolers and workplace water supplies.

Jackie added: “We are working to bring the business firmly into the modern age and lead the way within the sector by adopting digital methods. Although we’re modernising in that sense, we are keen to uphold the long-standing values associated with Joe Black Coffee and look forward to what the rest of the year has in store.”

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