NHS staff create app to boost health and wellbeing at work

STAFF from The Walton Centre have helped to create an app to improve daily wellbeing and resilience during work – the first in the NHS.

Working in partnership with Shiny Mind, a company which has delivered wellbeing and resilience training to over 1500 staff in more than 20 NHS Trusts, staff from all levels of the organisation have helped to develop an app, which allows users to send and receive messages of encouragement and positivity.

The app, launched this week, provides interactive exercises and support aimed to reduce stress and increase wellbeing. It also gives staff coping skills and access to the resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Chief Executive of The Walton Centre Hayley Citrine said: “The co-production aspect has proved critical to the success of the app. With 10% of our staff receiving face-to-face training, staff have had a significant input to the design and content of the app.

“Different parts of it have been designed to suit different individual needs, meaning you can filter what’s important to you. The Daily Shine in particular is one of my favourite features, offering an opportunity to reflect on your day and take stock.

“The app recognises the difficulties and challenges that come with working in a healthcare environment, and this is our way of supporting staff.”

The app is available to all Walton Centre staff to download for free.

Shiny Mind CEO Rebecca Howard said: “It’s been fantastic to work with Walton Centre staff on creating this wellbeing app. In recent times many parts of the NHS have become stressful places to work. So we’ve come up with an innovative solution to this national pressure, and feedback so far has been amazing.

“If it continues to be successful here at The Walton Centre, hopefully we can work with other Trusts who want to support the wellbeing of their staff.”

You can watch a video of staff talking about the new app here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHNtRgIjJCE