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Review: Stones in His Pockets at Liverpool Playhouse

By Andy Green

THIS award-winning comedy by Marie Jones tells the tale of a small village in Ireland as a major Hollywood film studio arrives to film a historical blockbuster.

Just two actors, Kevin Trainor and Owen Sharpe, play multiple roles but primarily Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn, two locals employed as extras.

They switch effortlessly into the various characters that include a Hollywood starlet, an English director and their younger selves amongst others.

This is a bitter-sweet comedy; the stones in his pockets refer to one characters suicide by drowning.

Hollywood’s romanticised vision of this rural idyll requires the films extras to play downtrodden peasants, grateful to their lords and masters for what little they have – a state of affairs not too dissimilar to the film studios attitudes to its extras.

It’s frenetic, it’s funny and also thought-provoking and well worth a look.

Stones in His Pockets is at the Playhouse until Saturday 23 March.


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