2018 events programme brings massive boost to city

Red Bull Drift Shifters Photo: Andy Green

LIVERPOOL’S programme of events to mark ten years since the city was European Capital of Culture, attracted more than 2.2 million visitors to the city and boosted the local economy by 5mthat’s four times the 2017 figure.

 A special End of Year Report into Liverpool’s 2018 cultural activities will be presented to the Culture and Tourism Select Committee today (Tuesday 22 January). It analyses the work of the city council’s Culture Liverpool department which is responsible for staging events, along with the operation of St George’s Hall, the Town Hall, Liverpool Cruise Terminal and Liverpool Film Office.

In total the whole portfolio generated £108million for the city. 

The Liverpool 2018 progamme was made possible thanks to the support of the City Region Combined Authority which invested £5million from its Single Investment Fund.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said: “Seeing these incredible figures can leave no one in any doubt that 2008 was a springboard for this city to build on its cultural ambitions – ten years on, we are one of the world leaders when it comes to staging unforgettable, crowd-pleasing events.

“2018 was a special anniversary for Liverpool and from the outset the aim was to bring new, exciting additions to the city, but also importantly shine a light on the enviable events calendar that we are now so accustomed to.

“Recognising our success in the cultural world is important, but we are always looking forward to what we can continue to deliver, which makes Liverpool such a desirable city to live, work, study and play in.

“Times of austerity mean we have to think differently about how we stage events – however, having a full cultural calendar is the new normal for Liverpool and we can look forward to another year of exciting activities ahead.”

Director of Culture, Claire McColgan MBE, said: “Liverpool 2018 perfectly encapsulates why we are globally renowned as a city for investing and believing in the power of culture.

“It was a stellar year for arts in the city and I’m hugely proud of the quality and diversity of what the city delivered in 2018. From the spectacle of Royal de Luxe’s Giants filling the streets and beaches of the region with pure joy, or immersive visual arts in Toxteth reservoir, right through to race cars tearing up and down The Strand and strangers working together to build castles out of cardboard – it was a postcard to the world . 

“The year was all about experiencing something new, pushing boundaries and allowing people to escape from their everyday lives and be transported somewhere they can let their imagination run wild. 

“And of course it isn’t just about the major events. The report gives us the chance to reflect on the whole of Culture Liverpool’s achievements. I’d like to congratulate everyone involved in this unforgettable year – whether they are in the Culture Liverpool team themselves, or other city council departments, right through to our partners across the city and of course our arts organisations which continue to deliver programmes that keeps Liverpool on an enviable cultural pedestal.

“But most importantly, thank you to our audiences from Liverpool and beyond who are hungry for new work and are willing to open up their hearts to new experiences.”

The full report is available to view here: http://councillors.liverpool.gov.uk/documents/s229317/EDR.02.19%20Culture%20Liverpool%202018%20Review%20220119.pdf

Liverpool’s 2019 events programme will be announced over the forthcoming weeks