How to Run an Efficient Business

GROWING a successful business is no picnic, but no organisation can scale up without employees.

Happy employees are vital to any business. They work better under stress, are more productive and look forward to coming to work. We look at some key ideas to keep a positive workforce;



Workplace wellbeing starts with the state of mind of your employees. Offering lunchtime meditation, morning yoga or even break time counselling can give a boost to any workforce.

Mindfulness experts are now the norm in the workplace, making regular visits to lead group sessions at lunchtime.

Better still, offer your employees some mindfulness sessions through the working day – give them your time to use to boost the mental wellbeing once a week for half an hour. It may be time taken from your production lines, but the teams will work harder and faster and importantly – more positively – following some simple meditation sessions.



Little perks go a long way.

Have someone organise a big workplace Christmas raffle and invest in some reasonably priced prizes – sell tickets and use the money for a local charity (voted for by staff) for that extra warm fuzzy feeling.

When the annual heatwave hits, buy ice lollies and cold drinks, do a monthly draw for half a day off work, on international day of kindness make sure everyone gets a cake. Cost-effective treats like this can go a long way to inspiring some workplace happiness.


Manage performance

Performance measurement can be a minefield. Managing employees’ work standard on top of delivering your own is often seen as the toughest obstacle in company management.

Thirsty Horses is solving this problem with easy to use, transparent performance management software.

Learn how to use HR software to improve performance measurement with this Thirsty Horses e-book.

The appraisal software gives employees and employers the ability to review their progress, give and receive feedback and move away from an antiquated annual performance management cycle towards a more flexible, on-going and useful model. It promotes transparency in the workplace and gives all parties the clear data they need to properly conduct performance appraisals.

Taking away the groundhog feeling of the annual appraisal this software empowers employees and offers the opportunity for everyone to be involved in the review process – resulting in smarter, more successful business management.


Enjoy the great outdoors

It’s an oldie but a goodie – a bit of fresh air does wonders for the state of mind.

If you have access to outdoor areas in the workplace, make use of them.

Alternatively, start a lunchtime walking club. Encourage staff to don their comfortable shoes one lunchtime a week and get active. Come rain or shine, encourage this and you’ll soon see a more enthusiastic workforce with clear mind-sets.


Give back

It’s become a trend in some larger companies to give their staff hours back to work with a local charity.

This is good for the business’ corporate social responsibility, as well as great for showing staff you not only care about them – you care about others.

Offer each staff member three hours per month to take time out of the office and work with a local organisation. This might be volunteering at a local hospice, nursing home or even litter picking. Whatever it is, you are encouraging your team to enhance their own passions as well as giving them the feel-good factor.