Most delayed flights from Manchester Airport

LAST month, the Civil Aviation Authority publicised data that reveals the most delayed flights in the country, not only by destination, but by airline too. We looked at data from the past two years and highlighted the most egregious and frequent offenders in the hope that you can avoid mistiming airport transfers from Liverpool to Manchester Airport in the future and spending your day languishing in departures. While the airlines themselves are culpable to some degree, it is also worth noting that with air travel, there are a whole range of mitigating circumstances that impair airlines’ ability to provide a timely service, which we hope also comes across in this post.

Most delayed flights

Pakistan International Airlines to New York (JFK)

The dubious honour of most delayed flight from Manchester Airport belongs to the Pakistan International Airlines service to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. The service made 128 trips and was delayed on average by 63.2 minutes each time – well over an hour! The service’s poor performance didn’t go unnoticed however; it was discontinued late last year.

Air Canada to Toronto

Air Canada’s Toronto service holds the unenviable status of being the second most delayed from Manchester Airport. Amongst active routes, it is the most delayed service, a title I am sure they are desperate to relinquish.  

Freebird Airlines to Antalya, Turkey

Travelling from Manchester Airport to Antalya, Turkey with Freebird Airlines over the past two years was sure to spell disaster for holidaymakers. The flight was delayed, on average, by 60.1 minutes.

Most delayed airlines

Pakistan International Airlines

Based on the data, and a glance at the list of the leading culprits for delayed flights, there can only be one conclusion: Pakistan International Airlines operated the least punctual service. Occupying two of the top four slots for delayed flights; it is the only airline that warrants the title.

Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd

Thomas Cook, the second worst airline for punctuality, in light of the unfavourable impression painted by the released data, did ask detractors to consider the range of mitigating circumstances that all flights can fall victim to. Amongst the mentioned – and immutable – reasons for delays the English airline gave for their poor record were: industrial action, severe weather conditions and congestion in European airspace. Slightly less forgivable are aircraft technical issues.

Least delayed service

On the other end of the spectrum was Virgin’s service to Boston, with an impressive average delay of just 5.5 minutes. Running Virgin close for top spot was Jet 2’s service to Salzburg, which was delayed on average for half a minute longer at 6 minutes.

If anything, the data shows the unpredictability of departures from Manchester. If you are flying with an airline that has shown a tendency to run late, it isn’t worth hedging your bets that your service will run late and risking the crushing disappointment of missing your flight.