Liverpool is prime for property investment

Why Liverpool Should be Your Next Property Investment Location

Liverpool has been catching headlines across the country for its impressive growth and strong buy to let figures. So, what makes this city so special? Why are investors flocking there? We take a look at why Liverpool should be your next property investment location.

Property prices in Liverpool are some of the most affordable in the country, in some cases less than half of the UK average. Investors can buy property in Liverpool in key city centre locations for a fraction of a comparable property in London or the South East. Property investment companies like RW Invest have been focussing their attention on the city for years, providing exclusive investment opportunities at inexpensive prices. Developments such as One Baltic Square, Fabric District Residence and Tobacco Wharf can provide investors with yields of 7-8% in great Liverpool locations.

Another reason Liverpool is so profitable for investors is its thriving university sector. Liverpool is home to some great higher education institutions like The University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University, LIPA and Edge Hill. It has a combined student population of over 70,000 with many staying on for further study. Liverpool universities continue to win awards for research, student experience and academic excellence, attracting more and more students from around the country and the world. Due to these rapidly increasing student numbers there is a huge demand for student property, especially luxury purpose built student accomodation. A persistent lack of supply can be seen across the student property market, so investors are developing huge student accommodation complexes around the city.

Liverpool investors are also benefitting from a huge increase in property prices in the city. In August 2018 Liverpool had the highest house price growth in the country at +7.5% over the last 12 months compared to the UK average of 3.6%. Liverpool is becoming one of the strongest property markets in the country, and with a countrywide slow down in price growth, it is definitely exceptional. If only for the impressive growth in prices, Liverpool should be your next property investment location for speedy capital appreciation.

The city also appeals to investors because of the transformative effect of regeneration projects around the city. Liverpool has benefitted from extensive regeneration and development schemes across the region. Major projects such as Liverpool One, Project Jennifer, the Knowledge Quarter and Liverpool Waters. New shopping centres have taken the place of empty car parks, stunning apartment buildings have replaced crumbling warehouses, and the entire city is benefiting from these efforts. Liverpool’s historic waterfront is now a thriving destination, with museums, galleries, luxury apartments and boutique hotels welcoming the cities growing tourist numbers. The governments Northern Powerhouse strategy has also been influential in Liverpool’s sustained growth, with investment from around the world pouring into Liverpool.

Some properties in Liverpool are now worth £15,000 more than they were one year ago – with the average house price rising to £134,245. For potential investors Liverpool is a goldmine, with everything needed for a great return on investment. Growing property prices allow for considerable capital appreciation, high rental yields are standard across the city and a growing population and student numbers mean the demand for rental property has never been higher. Liverpool is a thriving city, with plenty to offer, and the lucrative opportunities available there are unrivalled in the UK.