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Liverpool doctor named among Top 70 NHS stars

A LIVERPOOL doctor has been named as among the top 70 stars of the NHS in a national poll.

Dr Biswajit Chakrabarti, Consultant Respiratory Physician at Aintree University Hospital, was nominated for being “a true example of what the NHS was set up to be 70 years ago.”

Following a public vote in May, Dr Chakrabarti was included in the list of 70 NHS stars alongside the late Dr Kate Granger, who founded the #hellomynameis campaign.

Dr Chakrabarti has worked at Aintree for 10 years, where he sees patients with respiratory conditions including COPD, chronic ventilatory failure and sleep disorders.

As part of the NHS 70th Birthday celebrations, the Health and Care’s Top 70 Stars campaign was launched to honour individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to patient care, services and local communities over the last 70 years.

Dr Chakrabarti said: “It is an honour to receive this award, particularly when I look at some of the inspirational people alongside me in the top 70. I have had the privilege of caring for many people over the years at Aintree, and it is touching to think that they have taken the time to vote for me.” 

Steve Warburton, Chief Executive at Aintree, said: “Dr Chakrabarti is held in incredibly high esteem by his colleagues and patients alike, so I was not surprised to learn he had made the Top 70 NHS stars. He truly is the best of the NHS and this award is richly deserved.”

The Health and Care’s Top 70 Stars campaign was launched by the NHS Confederation, along with NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Danny Mortimer, Deputy Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, said: “As many in Britain believe, the NHS is one of the most remarkable institutions in our country. And our tireless staff – all 1.5 million of them – are what make it so remarkable.

“By recognising members of our NHS workforce, and those on the outside who helped shape the system, we wanted to both celebrate the past and shape the future of health and care.

“The extremely diverse and varied list of winners who have dedicated their careers for a better system of health and care deserve no less than our recognition and honour.”


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