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The Brink secures funding to support volunteer opportunities

THE Brink is set to support more of its volunteering staff after successfully securing funding from The Albert Gubay Foundation.

Liverpool’s first and only dry bar has secured a six-figure grant, to be distributed over three years, which will support the venue’s staff, the progression of its Volunteer Outreach Program, it’s Café & Kitchen Volunteers and travel costs to name a few.

General Manager of The Brink Carl Bell said: “Volunteer staff here at The Brink are an integral part of our community and offer their support to every aspect of our day to day operations holding roles such as front of house and kitchen staff through to support workers. Not only will this funding give us additional resources to train and develop volunteers, it will also allow us to support them with expenses and travel, offering an extra incentive for those who are considering getting involved in the work that we do.

“We are always thrilled to see volunteers progress and are very pleased to have followed a number of our staff members on their own journeys. A number of our employees started out as volunteers and have gone on to secure permanent roles with us and we hope to see more and more people follow in these footsteps thanks to this generous funding. We are currently working with 10 volunteer staff and we hope to be able to fund more positions, further enhancing our offerings.”

The Albert Gubay Foundation is a charitable organisation which was set up by philanthropist and entrepreneur Albert Gubay. The foundation aims to award grants to registered charities in England, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland, particularly in those communities which helped him create the wealth that allowed him to fulfil his philanthropic ambition such as Liverpool.

Carl added: “To further highlight the fantastic work done here at The Brink, we will be using the funding we have received to continue to help those who are recovering from addiction and mental health problems into volunteering and helping our current volunteers to become Senior Peer Volunteers. On an ongoing basis, we hope to help all those who are with us into further volunteering, training or work.”

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