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LIV to help Liverpool ‘Wake Up To Organic’ free breakfasts

ON Wednesday 13th June LIV Organic and Natural Food Market will be serving up a free breakfast taster buffet, as part of the Wake Up to Organic campaign. The national campaign has been set up by the Organic Trade Board to raise awareness of the benefits and versatility of organic produce. LIV is the flagship Liverpool venue for the campaign, for the second year running, due to its extensive range of organic produce.

There will be a big breakfast buffet on offer at LIV Organic and Natural Food Market, from 9am on the 13th. Samples of fresh breads, fruits, yoghurts, pastries, teas, coffees and more will be handed out free-of-charge in the store’s Eatery and outside on Bold Street, in celebration of just how simple it can be to start the day with organic food.

The UK’s appetite for organic food is growing, as people become more aware of the benefits to the environment and of knowing what’s in their food. Wake Up To Organic hopes to encourage more people to try organic food.

Recent studies indicate that the UK is increasingly interested in choosing organic; sales of organic products increased by 6% last year and organic sales via independent stores grew by 9.7%. Sales of popular breakfast foods such as organic dairy grew by 3.1%.

LIV Organic and Natural Food Market opened its doors a little over a year ago. It serves a range of organic food all day every day, in the store’s vegetarian and vegan cafe, The Eatery, as well as its dedicated pasta restaurant, La Casa Della Pasta. All the ingredients needed to make organic meals at home are available in the supermarket.

Hassan Ibrahim, director of LIV Organic and Natural Food Market said: “Organic food is at the heart of everything we offer here at LIV, so we are very pleased to be taking our place as the local flagship store for Wake Up To Organic. Organic food is better for wildlife, for animals and for the planet. It’s also a guarantee of strict production methods and of food as nature intended. On the 13th we’ll be serving up lots of organic foods for breakfast, as well as offering some great in-store discounts to people who come in to try it, if they decide to make the switch.”

Wake Up To Organic at LIV Organic and Natural Food Market, 18-26 Bold Street, 9-11am, Wednesday 13th June 2018. For more details visit



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