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Wellness Day at No. 4 St. Paul’s Square

LEADING health and wellness experts from across Liverpool will gather later this month to offer city centre workers life-changing help and advice – and all for no charge.

On Wednesday, May 30,  No 4 St Paul’s Square will host the completely free wellness festival with the owners of the office building seeking to establish themselves as the most forward-thinking landlords in the country when it comes to the welfare of staff.

Ever-growing numbers of people are realising that health and wellness is best achieved with an holistic approach – through powerful combinations of physical activity, quality sleep, relaxation and nutrition.

The working environment is key to this and so the event at No 4 St Paul’s will feature a host of experts offering invaluable advice, insight and techniques to improve peoples’ physical and mental health.

The UK is facing a rise in both obesity and work-related illness. The latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that in the UK 526,000 workers were reported as suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or long-standing) in 2016/17.

12.5 million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17.

The event, backed by commercial agency CBRE, The Liverpool BID Company and Professional Liverpool, seeks to empower those attending to take control of their lives and their wellbeing.

Neil Kirkham, area director at CBRE who are partnering the event adds: “The event is directly in line with a new approach we are adopting at St Paul’s to attract new, young, dynamic occupiers.

“Modern employers are demanding much more from a workspace that just a carpet and a desk. That we can demonstrate a commitment to adding real value for our occupiers and their employees at 4 St Paul’s I think really sets us aside from other landlords in the city.

“This event will be tailored to attract both employers and employees with a vested interest in improving their overall wellbeing, through better and more informed diet and fitness choices.”

Bill Addy from The Liverpool BID Company commented: “A key element of the Commercial District BID’s business plan is to encourage a healthy working environment for all employees in the district.

“The wellness festival at No 4 St Paul’s Square is an important event that we are delighted to support. Everyone should have access to activities that promote wellness.”

John Hall, chief executive at Professional Liverpool, adds: “Given our relationship with a number of businesses operating in the city region, we understand as much as anybody the importance of managing workplace wellbeing.

“We think the event at No4 St Paul’s is a fantastic initiative, and being based at the heart of Liverpool’s commercial district should succeed in reaching a great many people who are likely to be affected by work-related illness as some stage.

“We’re happy to be supporting this and future events and commend the team for putting workplace wellbeing firmly on the agenda.”

The wellness festival will take place on May 30 at No 4 St Paul’s Square, and it is hoped more similar events will follow.

People who live or work in the city centre are being encouraged to come along. There will be a range of exhibitors offering one-to-one advice, group talks and demonstrations throughout the day.


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