Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Super bins are go!

HUNDREDS of new litter bins are helping to make Liverpool’s streets, parks and open spaces cleaner and brighter places.

This week marks the finale of the first phase of a city-wide Mayoral plan to provide more places for people to dispose of their waste.

More than 200 new bins have been installed in streets and other locations. The council has also been doing its bit to support recycling…by transforming old litter bins and bringing them back into use.

More than 70 existing bins have been given a makeover and returned to their former glory. They are now back on the streets and in full working order.

A further 24 ‘super bins’ have been placed in parks to support the various ‘Friends of’ groups. These double bins have a storage cabinet at one end which allows the volunteers to keep bags and litter pickers. The groups are given keys to the cabinet so they can clean the park at any time.

In 2016, Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson gave the thumbs-up to the £250,000 plan to replace old and unsightly litter bins. The mayor pledged a further £20,000 to support the efforts of community groups to help clean up the parks.

 Mayor Anderson said: “With summer well on its way, it’s important that our streets, parks and open spaces look their very best so that we can all enjoy them. Litter is a blight on our communities and everyone has a part to play in ensuring that we dispose of our waste responsibly. With these new litter bins now in place and more on the way, there really can be no excuses for littering our public spaces.”

Phase 2 of the project, which begins in June, will see a further 200 bins sited in the city’s wards.

In total, more than 500 new and replacement litter bins will be installed as part of the project.

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Cllr Steve Munby, said: “We would like to thank all those volunteers who work tirelessly to make our parks and open spaces clean and safe for everyone. It is clear there is a great deal of civic pride and community spirit amongst our residents. Litter isn’t just a council problem, it’s everyone’s problem, so we want everyone to take pride in our city and use the new bins the council has provided.”

For more information about waste disposal or to report an issues, visit Liverpool City Council’s website: and search for ‘bins and recycling’.


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