Liverpool author named Patron of Reading  

LIVERPOOL writer Jude Lennon has been added to an A-list of best-selling authors which includes Michael Rosen and Vivian French after being named a Patron of Reading.

Miss Lennon, author of ten children’s books including ‘Dragon of Allerton Oak’, ‘Pirate Lamby’ and latest publication ‘Hal and the End Street’, took up the new role in April.

As an official Patron of Reading Miss Lennon, who also runs storytelling business Little Lamb Tales, will work with specific schools in the Liverpool and Merseyside areas to develop a range of projects aimed at improving reading and writing among pupils.

For the next 12 months she will be working with teachers and pupils at Manor Primary School in Birkenhead which has recently launched a new project called ‘The Power of the Book’.

The project aims to use books and literature to inspire the children’s writing and love of reading. The children and Miss Lennon recently kicked it into action with an Alice and Wonderland themed day.

Miss Lennon said: “I am really honoured to have become an official Patron of Reading for Manor Primary School. Around 200 schools in the UK are now working regularly with authors to develop and encourage a reading for pleasure culture among pupils.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for authors like me to use our passion for writing to inspire and engage young readers.

“We have lots of exciting projects planned over the next 12 months which will hopefully get youngsters more involved in reading and encourage even the most reluctant readers to get enthused about books.

“We are hoping to establish a book club, host some writing workshops, develop some drama sessions and also get parents involved.

“There is so much scope for creativity when you delve into the world of literature and it’s my aim to bring books alive and generate a passion for the written word.”

Headteacher Nicola Lightwing said they were delighted to welcome Miss Lennon as the school’s new patron of reading.

She said: “As a school, we have a creative curriculum that develops the children’s love of learning and reading for pleasure. 

“We were looking for opportunities to enhance this and Miss Lennon happened to come and talk to the children about Road Safety. 

“Miss Lennon took this serious topic, made it exciting and engaging and totally hooked the children in. Therefore we had no hesitation but to invite Miss Lennon back to be our Patron of Reading.”

Deputy head Nikki Tonge said the Alice in Wonderland storytelling session had ‘inspired’ children to write their own stories and pupils working with Miss Lennon said: “The author encouraged us to enjoy stories by letting us join in. She opened our minds and our imaginations. We can’t wait to have her back!”

Most authors acting as a Patron of Reading work with individual schools for up to a year, visiting pupils regularly and developing projects which encourage reading. The partnership between each author and school differs but the emphasis is always on encouraging reading for pleasure.

To find out more about the Patron of Reading scheme visit and to keep up to date with work being undertaken by Miss Lennon visit the website