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Creative students prepare for upcoming art exhibition

ARTISTIC sixth form students at Aigburth-based St Margaret’s Academy (SMA) are busy preparing for the school’s annual art and photography exhibition.

The exhibition will be held next month and offers students the chance to showcase the hard work they have put in for their A-Levels, as well as expressing their skills and passion for art.

Amongst the talented sixth formers is Sean Youd (18) from Calderstones. Sean is working towards a career in design and with the support of the teachers, he has been able to pursue his interest in the subject in an extensive way.

Keen to work with oil paint, Sean based his art coursework on portraits and challenged himself to produce an exquisite oil painting based on his pride for his ancestry.

The incredible artwork is a photo-realistic portrait of his grandad, John Youd. Sean credits his grandad as his inspiration, as he used to be an artist who captured landscapes with oil paint.

Sean commented: “Seeing the different styles within oil paintings was something that influenced me to paint. My grandad is incredibly talented and my love for art stems from him.”

Sean began using oil paint in year 10 for his GCSE coursework. He would competently recreate portraits by artist Kemi Mai, who drew portraits with minimal palettes on her computer.

This helped Sean gain confidence and experience with oil painting and helped him further understand colour theory. He transitioned from a limited palette to a more advanced colour scheme, trying to accurately capture different people’s skin tones.

Sean added:  “I much prefer my art to depict realism and I feel the end result of this portrait captures my favoured technique very well.”

St Margaret’s is one of few schools in Merseyside to offer students the chance to work with oil paint, a medium which is renowned for being hard to use, requiring immense skill and patience.

Stephanie Davidson, head of the art department, said:  “As we prepare for the art and photography exhibition next month, it is wonderful to see the calibre of artwork being submitted. I feel year on year, it only gets better!

“Students like Sean are very inspiring and their work often encourages the younger years to try similar methods in their art lessons.

“As a subject, we find that art is empowering for students as they really get to show off their talents. We also believe it is important to create a relaxing environment for them to work in as it helps them to unwind and let their creative juices really flow.”

The exact date of the exhibition will be announced shortly on the SMA website.

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