Exhibition set to be FACT’s most popular

Still from Survivor Reija Meriläinen 2017. Image courtesy of the artist

STATES of Play: Roleplay Reality is on course to be one of FACT’s most popular exhibitions ever, with almost 10,000 visits to the galleries in its first month of opening.

Featuring work by 22 artists and independent producers – including Larry Achiampong and David Blandy, Angela Washko, Jordan Wolfson, Reija Meriläinen, David O’Reilly, Porpentine and Bluehole Studios – States of Play examines how video games encourage roleplay in a way that increasing blurs the line between the real and the virtual. How video games are designed, what privileges or prejudices might inform that design; how we play and create avatars and online personas to navigate the online world, which then spills into the real world, these are questions artists and creative producers are asking of virtual reality. An exhibition between the virtual and the real, the works show how video games are no longer a place of escape, but how the game realm has collided with the ‘real world’.

The exhibition continues until 17 June and before then a public programme is designed to engage and explore the ideas and questions raised by the exhibition.

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy: Finding Fanon

Wednesday 9 May, The Box, Free – booking required, 7pm

David Blandy and Larry Achiampong’s work explores their friendship, and wider issues of empathy, race and power, through film, performance, and socially engaged practice. Their work FF Gaiden: Control was commissioned as part of FACT’s Criminal Justice programme, and features in the current

FACT exhibition States of Play: Roleplay Reality.

Join the artists for a short and intimate audio-visual performance exploring the main themes which run throughout the Finding Fanon series.

LightNight at FACT

Friday 18 May 5pm – 11pm

To coincide with Liverpool’s annual “culture crawl”, FACT hosts late night art and live gaming tournaments. Expect a pop-up gaming showcase and tournaments from games studios, artists and students turning FACT into an immersive gaming hub.

Curator Tours

Wednesday 23 May and Wednesday 13 June

Join Lucy Sollitt and Lesley Taker,  co-curators of States of Play: Roleplay Reality for an in-depth tour of the exhibition for a chance to find out more about the research and theory behind the show, and take a closer look at the radical redesign of FACT’s gallery spaces.