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Review: George’s Marvellous Medicine at the Playhouse

By Andy Green

CURVE and Rose Theatre Productions have perfected the art of presenting Roald Dahl’s work on the stage. Previous productions of The Witches and The Twits were both superb and I’m happy to say that George’s Marvellous Medicine continues in the same vein.

George, played with gusto by Preston Nyman, (he could definitely have a parallel career as a children’s TV presenter) has an unbearable grandma – she’s awful, she needs fixing.

Lisa Howard plays the delightfully horrible grandma and if it wasn’t for the quality of the rest of the cast she would quite easily steal the show.

George’s mum is a nervy, frantic woman played with aplomb by LIPA-trained Catherine Morris while talented instrumentalist Justin Wilman plays the dad.

Chandni Mistry is the main reason why Lisa Howard doesn’t run away with all of the plaudits – her giant chicken has to be the best giant chicken I have ever witnessed. Yes, it’s that good.

This is a great show for kids and there’s loads of audience interaction – it’s particularly good in the second half when George seeks help in remembering what he put in the medicine.

This is a very funny, brilliantly designed show with very clever use of video that will appeal to all ages. It’s a glorious giggle but as the closing song emphasises – Don’t try this at home!

George’s Marvellous Medicine is at the Playhouse until Saturday 21 April.

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