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Last few places available for the Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout

WITH just a few weeks left to the Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout, it’s your last chance to grab a place before it sells out.

The Whitechapel Centre and Liverpool Cathedral have teamed up for the second Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout, a family fundraising event on Friday 6th April where you spend one night sleeping inside the UK’s biggest cathedral

Open to people of all ages, it complements The Whitechapel Centre’s October Liverpool Sleepout. By holding the event inside Liverpool Cathedral children and young people can take part too, while raising money to help those who are homeless or vulnerable in Liverpool.

The night will include storytelling, arts and crafts and prizes for the best ‘den’ and best pyjamas. Those who’ve signed up are encouraged to bring their own books and board games and to keep technology and gadgets to a minimum as the idea I is for people to understand what it might be like when you can’t afford things like smartphones, games consoles or computers.

Charlotte Hopkins from The Whitechapel Centre said: “We’re really looking forward to the Cathedral Sleepout. There are lots of very compassionate children and young people in Liverpool who want to help support those they see who are less fortunate or people they see who are homeless. The Cathedral Sleepout is a fantastic way that they can offer their support while giving them the opportunity to learn a bit more about The Whitechapel Centre and Liverpool Cathedral.

“We want to make the night a special one so that it’s something that those taking part will remember in years to come. I believe the more children we can to speak about homelessness now, the more we can prevent homelessness in the future.”

Paul Smith, Director of Enterprise at Liverpool Cathedral, said: “The response to the Sleepout so far has been tremendous and really heartening with a wide variety of people, largely from Merseyside, but some from further afield signing up.  It’s great to see so many people have been spurred on to take part in what will be a truly memorable experience.”

The Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout is on Friday 6th April at Liverpool Cathedral. It costs £5.00 per person to register and you’ll need to raise £50.00. All funds raised will be split equally between the two charities. Children are encouraged to take part but they’ll need to bring a responsible adult. For safeguarding purposes, a maximum of five children can accompany one adult for this Sleepout.

To register for the Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout visit:


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