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Animal rescue – can you help?

By Bob Edwards    

GARSTON Animal Rescue is a not for profit organization that aims to rescue, rehabilitate – and where possible – to rehome abandoned or unwanted animals.

The rescue began by chance in 1984 with the rescue of a mother cat who, in desperation, had given birth to five tiny kittens in a bin in Canning Place, Liverpool.  This dreadful incident served to highlight the plight of animals across the city, and so Garston Animal Rescue was born and in 1988 it was granted charity status.

Due to the facilities at the moment, the majority of animals at the rescue are cats. Sadly there is a relentless stream of stray cats in our city and Garston Animal Rescue are overwhelmed with phone calls from people either wanting to offload their cat or reporting a stray cat or cats in their area. If they have the space they will take in the cat or cats, provide veterinary treatment, which can include worming, defleaing, neutering and in many cases medical treatment for illness or injury.  Strays are routinely checked for micro-chips, a simple procedure they whole-heartedly encourage to reduce the number of strays not being reunited with their owners. 

Where possible the aim is to rehome the cats in suitable forever homes.  All adult cats are neutered before they are re-homed.  The neutering fee for kittens is included in the re-homing arrangement with new adopters.

Garston Animal rescue have come a long way since they first started when they took in that exhausted mother cat and her five new-born kittens.

The problem is that this rescue is run from a house (under very difficult circumstances) this is not out of choice! Far from it!

The rescue have lots of lovely helpers who are extremely dedicated but its obviously far from ideal to run a rescue from a house, it’s so inefficient and time-consuming climbing all those stairs several times a day to care for all the animals. They urgently need proper dedicated premises to provide a high standard of care for the animals. It would be amazing if any of our readers could help with providing premises.

The staff are trying so hard to try and raise enough money for a sanctuary so that they can rescue even more animals.

If you think you could help Garston Animal Rescue you can donate to them at the Rescue, or post to Garston Animal Rescue, 29 Broughton Drive, Liverpool, L19 0PB, or just click on the Donate button on their Facebook page, . Visitors are welcome but must call first – just call 0151 494 0470 or 07745 167170 to arrange a visit.

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