Director of Nursing becomes The Walton Centre’s new Chief Executive Officer

THE former Director of Nursing & Operations at The Walton Centre Hayley Citrine has taken the top job as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), following a rigorous recruitment process.

During her 32 year career in the NHS, Ms Citrine has worked as Deputy Director and Associate Director of Nursing for a number of years following previous experience in a variety of clinical and operational posts in the North and North West; before joining The Walton Centre in 2014 as Executive Director of Nursing and Quality and extending this in 2016 to cover operations and performance.

Ms Citrine said: “The Walton Centre is a fantastic Trust, which is rated as Outstanding by the CQC. I want to build on the Trust’s national reputation to further improve care for our patients. I believe that the Trust is in a strong position and that’s not something I take for granted, I feel it’s important we nurture and cherish this and build on it further.

“I think that as a specialist Trust and a centre of excellence we have a duty to push the boundaries of care and continue to pioneer new treatment options for our patients through research and innovation when traditional pathways are exhausted or no longer effective for our patients.

“We’re starting to explore possibilities for new innovations in areas like complex rehabilitation, where the potential for new technologies could be life changing for our patients. These are things we are already looking at and I want to make sure we continue to explore these options to ensure our patients receive the best possible care now and in the future.”

Looking forward, Ms Citrine is focusing on working in collaboration with others in the local and national health and social care economy. She adds: “Over the last two years the Trust has been leading the Neuro Network, a vanguard project aiming at standardising and spreading best practice care pathways across parts of the NHS. What’s exciting is this can deliver expert care locally and has the potential to reduce hospital admissions for patients.”

Ms Citrine is also passionate about improving and enhancing an equal, diverse and inclusive working environment. She said: “I believe having a diverse workforce brings you a wider scope of understanding. I believe you have a better process by thinking collectively, with different and new ideas included, which makes the organisation stronger.

“I want staff and patients to bring their whole selves to the Trust and create a culture of celebrating and embracing diversity and recognising the strength in inclusion.”

Chair of The Walton Centre Janet Rosser said: “With Hayley at the helm, I believe The Walton Centre will be forward focused, securing our future position in the local and national health economy.

“It’s reflected in her work to promote innovation and new ways of caring for patients, and also in her work with neighbouring NHS Trusts to provide joined up care. She shows a great depth of understanding of the wider NHS, which will allow her to lead the Trust in the right direction during ever changing circumstances.”