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Tidy spaces for tiny minds

A TIDY space means a tidy mind. Studies have shown that keeping tidy order in your home and work-life inspires good mindfulness.

Simple, healthy habits assist with this; clear clutter, do dishes straight away, put washing away etc. but how do we teach our children the same thing?

Without it seeming like ‘chores’, there are ways to make clearing space a fun activity. Take their bedroom for example – it’s an age-old argument between parent and child to encourage them to tidy their bedroom.

We have found some good tips to teach your little ones the habit of being organised;

Make it a game

Creating small, easy to remember games when tidying up can give encouragement to children.

Try a counting game, with quick, short bursts of tidying up. Count to 30 with your littlun’ putting away as much as possible in that time before shouting ‘stop’. Give them a one-minute break then go again. They will naturally want to beat their personal goal each time, clearing space in no time at all.

Give them goals

Star charts are cheap and easy to make. Pop one on the fridge and every day, if their room is kept clean, pop a star on the chart.

After a full week of stars they get a prize. This could be a sweet treat, a day out or even a visit to your local park. Instilling good habits doesn’t have to break the bank.

Make it fun

Try buying a bed specifically designed with keeping a tidiness in mind, such as a children’s cabin bed with tent underneath for storage space. By raising the position of the single bed and mattress, Cabin Beds and Mid Sleeper Beds innovatively create a space for storage beneath. What makes this really advantageous however, is the level of control over this space you have. The space can just as easily be used to install a wardrobe and a chest of drawers as a castle with a desk or a circus with a slide. 
Your child will love their bed so much, they will want to keep it in order just to use their space. This also teaches them independence on how and where they store those mountains of games, cuddly toys and gadgets.

Instill pride

When you have a friend or family member visit, ask your son or daughter to show them their bedroom. Give them the opportunity to show it off to other people and give them a tour of their bedroom. This will encourage pride and also help with good communication skills.

Get Involved

Don’t just order them to tidy up and leave them to it. Get involved in the process. Ask them to show you how they plan to organise things, and where they are putting their toys.

This leads to great conversation and puts a good spin on spending time together while being productive.

Your child will feel positive that you’re taking a strong interest in their space, while still retaining their independence but at the same time you will know where they’re putting things in case you need to dig something out at a later date.

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