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6 reasons to join a dance class in 2018


THIS year, you can make a major change to your life by starting with one hour a week – and seeing where it takes you. In every community, there are opportunities to take part in different activities, from running groups to knitting groups. Our top tip is to join a dance class, and here are six reasons why;

  1. Exercise

From tap to jazz, any kind of dancing is great for your waistline and most areas of your health.

Ballet for example can be taken up as an adult (you don’t have to be a prima ballerina to join a class). There are opportunities all over the country to get involved in ballet, all you need to start is the right footwear, and the rest will come. Make sure you look the part in your new ballet class, buying yourself the right clothing and shoes. If you want something different than the usual attire, there are lots of great online stores that sell coloured ballet shoes in the uk for more of a fun and eye catching look. It’s amazing how many pounds you can dance off in just an hour, and toning up has never been so much fun.

  1. Socialising

With so many pressures of life, it’s easy to fall into a routine. Joining a dance class will give you the opportunity to meet new people and probably create new friends for life.

Many classes have regular social events too, which means you can get to know people outside of the ballet pumps.

  1. Space for you (or you and your partner)

Studies show that giving yourself space at least once a week is important for good mindfulness. Grabbing your dancing shoes and walking away from the daily grind is a great way to give yourself space.

If your partner wants to get involved too, this could be a great way to re-kindle romance in a relationship if needed. Couple joining dance classes is a great way for you both me meet new friends and have a new hobby in common along the way.

  1. Combat stress

It’s a fact that physical activity helps decrease growing stress levels.

The gym might not be your thing, and let’s face it – simply ‘going for a walk’ can be a bit boring (especially in the winter months).

Joining a dance class will give you plenty of physical activity in a friendly, positive (and warm) environment.

You’ll be surprised how great you feel after just an hour of moving, hearing music and letting yourself be distracted.

  1. Learning a new skill

We’ve all had the dream of what to be when we grow up, and for many of the ladies out there, ballerina will have been on the list somewhere.

You’re never too old to fulfil a life goal. Even if you learn basics in a dance style, you can say you achieved something towards your childhood dream.

Learning new skills such as dance can lead to a multitude of opportunities. You may tap into a talent you never knew you had, or simply find a grace and style which has been buried all these years.

  1. Conquer fears

It’s scary being ‘the new girl’ in class, but actually, dance classes are an excellent way of conquering fear. Social fears are common in many adults, and something such as a dance class will give you the opportunity to overcome this in a safe and friendly environment.

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