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LFC legend visits new homeless shelter

FORMER Liverpool FC football legend Jamie Carragher took time out from his football punditry to make a surprise visit to a homeless shelter in Liverpool.

The ex Liverpool defender made the impromptu visit to the Kingsway House shelter after his friend – the former England International and Liverpool FC Captain Mark Wright – had also visited the shelter earlier in the week. The Kingsway House shelter is being operated by Signature Living and Mark’s wife Sue Wright – a former Barrister – is part of the Signature Living management team. 

Carragher donated several bags of his own clothes and made an undisclosed cash donation to the shelter and spent several hours chatting to the homeless guests and volunteers who have given their time to help out.  

Commenting on the visit Carragher said; “I am truly humbled by what I have seen today and what is happening on the streets of Liverpool which is part of a national epidemic of homelessness. What Lawrence Kenwright and these guys at Signature Living are doing here is truly remarkable. They have taken over 80 homeless people off the streets of Liverpool, who would have otherwise been sleeping in doorways and in the freezing cold over Christmas. By opening this shelter they have somewhere safe and warm with something to eat and drink, the basic things that we all take for granted every day. Talking to these guys and girls they all have their own stories to tell of how they ended up homeless and sleeping rough on the streets. By being in a shelter like this with support, it’s the first step to helping get them back on their feet and off the streets.” 

Currently there is an estimated 307,000 people who are homeless and sleeping rough  in the UK with key cities such as Liverpool, Birmingham Manchester and Bristol amongst some of the worst affected regions outside of London. 

Carragher also confirmed that both he and pal Mark Wright will host a charity football match in January with former Liverpool and Everton footballers along with a charity dinner in the city to raise funds for the Signature Shelter at Kingsway House.  

Commenting on the charity football match former England International Mark Wright said; “One of the great things about football is that when we as a city have an issue like this, everybody comes together to support such an important cause, no matter which club they play for or support. Jamie and I will be putting together some current and former Liverpool and Everton players for a charity football match and a fundraising dinner. We would like all fans from Liverpool and Everton to show their support for this really important cause that is helping the homeless in our city ”

Carragher added “What I have seen here is the great people of Liverpool coming together to help their own and the incredible dedication of people who are doing something very positive for our city. If anyone wants to support the homeless shelter there is a Just Giving fundraising page where they can make a donation – “

Further details of the charity football match and dinner will be announced in due course.


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