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First Ark create a brighter future for young people

THE First Ark Group has partnered with University of Liverpool to develop a ‘pre-apprenticeship’ programme that offers young people the opportunity to enhance their skills and abilities within a working environment.

The programme is six-month paid placement and will enable them to gain the qualifications needed to access employment opportunities. Six young people completed the programme and went on to gain qualifications, have access to personal mentoring and were then guaranteed an interview for a University of Liverpool apprenticeship at the end of the course.

Patsy Connor, 17, has completed the pre-apprenticeship programme and has since successfully secured full-time employment.

She said: “A member of my family seen a poster advertising the programme and they told me about it.

“I was doing a college course at the time, but I didn’t really like it, so took a chance and applied. The course was great and has played a massive part in getting my current job.

“Honestly, without the experience that I gained from the programme I don’t think I would have moved in to full-time employment.

“To any young people reading this, or even parents thinking about their child’s future, I would definitely recommend it to other young people. The programme is a good way to kick start your working career.”

The successes of the programme amount to £133,809 worth of social value* with six young people completing the programme and 100% of completers moving on to apprenticeships, full time employment or further education.

*figure based of HACT Value Insight Wellbeing Measurement Tool


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