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Take a virtual tour around Sensor City

IMMERSIVE Interactive, a leading provider of virtual reality and immersive experiences, has teamed up with Sensor City to create a virtual tour of the new global innovation hub.

The all-in-one reality capture service – Immersive Places – creates realistic, interactive 3D and VR experiences, using a next-gen 3D camera which captures both colour and depth.

Peter Salt, General Manager at Merseyside based Immersive Interactive said: “Leveraging cutting-edge technology and powerful cloud processing has enabled us to make immersive digital experiences out of real-world environments.

“Virtual spaces are the next evolution in digital marketing and we are delighted to be able to offer this unique technology to forward thinking businesses like Sensor City.”

As a global hub for sensor technologies, Sensor City supports a growing community of entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs that are pushing the boundaries of sensor innovation.

Joanne Phoenix, Business Development Director at Sensor City said: “Immersive Places is at the forefront of virtual reality and immersive experience, and will enable us to showcase the facilities, space and technology available within Sensor City.

“Having our building brought to life as digital models are valuable and unique assets that we can share with prospective tenants, event organisers and stakeholders around the world.”

Using the Immersive Places technology, a single 3D scan of a building produces numerous outputs which are generated within 24 hours.

Outputs include an immersive VR tour, a 3D structural model, 2D and 360-degree photos, digital measurements (accurate to within 1 inch), black and white floor plans, and automatically generated videos and gifs for social media distribution.

Tags can also be added to spaces and objects within the digital tours which can contain hyperlinks, descriptions, photos and videos.

Peter Salt added: “Our foundation was built upon providing immersive and interactive learning spaces for education and simulation training for medical professionals.

“Immersive Places has opened up a new market for us in which we anticipate rapid growth, specifically from within the property, travel and hospitality sectors.”

This new development has further broadened the company’s business portfolio and is expected to lead to the creation of new jobs, both internally and within the wider technology sector.

To view the virtual tour and 3D digital model of Sensor City, click here:

For more information about Immersive Places visit:

For more information about Sensor City visit:  


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