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Review: Baskerville at the Liverpool Playhouse

By Andy Green

KEN Ludwig’s Baskerville is this year’s Christmas show at the Playhouse and it’s a welcome alternative to the plethora of pantos on just about everywhere else – although it does have its panto moments.

There is a cast of five with Patrick Robinson (you’ll remember him as Ash from Casualty but he‘s done loads more) taking the main role of Dr Watson. Jay Taylor is a dashing Sherlock Holmes while Bessie Carter, Edward Harrison and Ryan Pope play the other 33 characters (yes, count ‘em, 33!).

It’s wonderfully frenetic stuff set against a backdrop of impressive projected scenery which, combined with a masterful use of smoke, makes for a very atmospheric performance.

Robinson and Taylor can’t be faulted but hats off (and on and off again) to Carter, Harrison and Pope who are quite superb in their numerous and varied roles. They switch between characters almost seamlessly – those moustaches are never going to stick properly but it just adds to the fun.

Director Loveday Ingram does a great job in keeping the pace going and special mention must go to movement director Marcello Magni – the walking and running on the spot while the background moves is very effective and funny too.

Baskerville is slick, stylish and brilliantly bonkers. A great night out.

It’s at the Playhouse until 13 Jan.


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